Why new year's resolutions are stupid?

A new year beautifully symbolizes the opening of a new chapter in the book que es tu vida. But while many people like you aspire to achieve ambitious goals, only 12% of you will experience the taste of victory. Keep reading to learn why New Year's resolutions fail (and how to succeed). So why do New Year's resolutions fail? Let's take a look at the 16 reasons.

The following week, I could go on to eat 3 fruits and vegetables every day. And next week, you could try to eat a handful of protein at every meal. Almost all resolutions fail because, to begin with, they were just aspirations. Whatever the reason, it surely makes us check if the New Year's resolution is a bad idea in its entirety.

If you've tried (and haven't been able to) establish a New Year's resolution (or several) in the past, I know it can be hard to believe in yourself. On the other hand, with any new goal, only a small amount of effort can lead to significant positive feedback and, particularly with New Year's resolutions, you want to keep looking for that positive reinforcement to keep pushing your goals forward. This year I will decide not to commit any act of wrongful death, and not to have sexual relations with anyone who is more than 30 years older than me. If you fall into the category of people who have made New Year's resolutions in the past and failed, then you would easily identify with this fact.

Therefore, it cannot be said that people who changed because of the New Year would have improved so much without the new year. For example, someone with a New Year's resolution to get fit is probably out of shape and out of the habit of exercising. Resolutions become objectives when they are backed by action, and that is where, by definition, most resolutions are destined to fail. Since most people on the planet follow the calendar and things are tied to the change of the year, it makes a lot of sense to plan for a major change around the New Year.

Every day of the year you can make a new resolution, but repeating it to yourself and others doesn't make it a goal. Apparently last year wasn't her year to get those abs, build her billion-dollar empire and be voted the sexiest person in the world. The reason no more resolutions are initiated at other times of the year is probably because people don't usually take the time to look at themselves.

Nikki Gleisner
Nikki Gleisner

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